“Being in recovery demands learning new proactive tools. Clients need to learn how to move out of their problem-centered lifestyle chaos into their recovery-centered Solution. Life Continues Coaching provides a go-to referral resource for full continuum navigation, treatment or counseling adjunct, AND continuing care. Our one-on-one support from the comfort and convenience of your clients’ own homes, provides coaching where and when they need it. Our positive, next steps coaching support will supplement and compliment treatment. Our technology supported coaching service provides all the engagement, connection and accountability found with face to face coaching, but it’s as convenient as your clients’ cell phones.”

by Dr. Stephen F. Grinstead, Author of “Thank You Adversity For Yet Another TEST”

One-on-one recovery coaching available 24/7!

Intensive Continuing Care Coaching Program

Life Continues Coaching brings top-level coaching right to where your clients live. Does your clients rural or isolated location make it difficult to access quality support resources? Life Continues Coaching is the answer.

Coaching has proven to be excellent in continuing care and supports relapse prevention. Our clinical oversight team will match our coaches with clients based upon appropriate background, life-experience, and demographics, not based upon proximity of location.

Additional Services