Remote Recovery Coaching Services. Helping People Live Better!
Recovery Coaching

We guide our clients through the complex treatment and recovery process.

Christian Recovery Coaching

We guide our clients through a Christ-centered recovery process.

Family Coaching

Families suffer along with their loved ones, and don’t know how to help. We can support you through this critical time.

Treatment Options

Our coaches guide clients to appropriate treatment as indicated using our in-depth assessment process.

One-on-one remote recovery coaching available 24/7!

Life Continues Coaching brings top-level coaching services directly to your client – even to rural or isolated locations where quality support resources are difficult to access. Remote recovery coaching is the answer.

Coaching has proven to be excellent in continuing care and supports relapse prevention. Our clinical oversight team will match our coaches with clients based upon appropriate background, life-experience, and demographics, not based upon proximity of location.

Our Simple-to-use Technology Enables Real-time Excellent Remote Support

Our technology provides robust, remote recovery support at your convenience. From our connection & engagement app to our online rehab program, we provide the support you need and want... where and when you want it.
  • Recovery support App
  • Online IOP and Rehab Treatment
  • DNA-verified Urine Drug Screen
  • Clinical oversight portal
  • Easy Clinical screenings

Recovery support App

Our app eases connection and supports engagement in your recovery journey

Online IOP and Rehab Treatment

The perfect option when you can’t walk away from your life to attend residential treatment.

DNA-verified Urine Drug Screen

Private, dignified, and verified

Clinical oversight portal

HIPAA compliant information system

Easy Clinical screenings

We assess stress, anxiety and relapse indicators on a weekly basis

Clinical Assessments for Recovery Plan Development

Your recovery plan and journey is unique to you.

Step 1

Schedule a Free Life Continues Consultation - (844) 950-5433

Contemplating a change? Take your first step today! Talk with one of our recovery coaches and discuss your options. You’ll find a safe place at Life Continues, where there is no judgement or shame. We’ll encourage and guide you on your journey.

Step 2

Develop Your Personalized Recovery Plan using Clinical Assessments

During the free consultation, we will discuss the severity of your issue and applicable treatment and support options. If treatment is a possibility, we will recommend an assessment by one of our Clinical Directors. They will help us determine level of care and next steps. Your coach will then help you navigate the treatment and recovery options to find what best fits your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s your future. It’s your life. Ask questions and evaluate your options. We help people live better lives. Ask us how.

Substance Use Disorder (AKA addiction) is a complex disease. Treatment for Substance Use Disorder has many levels of care. Our coaches will guide to assessment to determine the appropriate level of care for you. Review our FAQ’s and then give us a call and ask your questions.

  • Do I need a recovery coach and/or substance abuse treatment?
    Are substances controlling your life? Have friends and family suggested you seek help? Are your bad habits impacting in your finances? Have you had a DUI or two? During a free consultation and we can support you decide what your next step is. Everyone needs help sometimes. Don’t be afraid to ask.
  • What is a recovery coach?
    Recovery Coaches are personal navigators who support their clients to removing barriers and obstacles to recovery. Recovery Coaches develop an ongoing mentoring relationship with clients who are in recovery or who are considering recovery from substance use disorders. We work with clients to help them become their best self and live a better life!
  • I’m too embarrassed or ashamed to discuss this with a stranger.
    A stranger, who cares, may be just what you need. Sometimes it’s hard to talk about difficult issues like substance abuse with family, or even close friends. Life Continues Coaches are sensitive to your feelings. We are compassionate. No need to feel embarrassed with us; our coaches have heard it all and most of them have done it all.
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