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Hope is on the Rise! 

You’ve come to this page looking for something.  At Life Continues, we always start with hope.  If you still believe there is a chance for your loved one to have a better life; or if you’re just about to give up on them, be assured, there is still hope and we can build on that together.

Family involvement is a critical factor in the recovery of a person with Substance Use Disorder.  Our Family Coaching Program is right for:

Life Continues coaches have lived through what you are living today.  We can help you learn how to be supportive, without feeling blame and guilt.  

Shame, guilt, and stigma versus a Recovery Lifestyle

For many years, the treatment of addiction has been shrouded in shame, guilt, and stigma.  Too often, if you had an addiction, you were considered weak, of low-moral character and a bad person.  Today, we know better than that.  We work to help our clients build a positive recovery lifestyle, including a positive network of friends, family and other influences.

Our coach will help educate you on how alcohol and drug addiction affect the whole family. You will learn how to:

Don’t give up hope.  Keep fighting for your loved one but do it the right way.  

Call us.  We can help.