Recovery Management Services to help you live a better life.

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We have “been there”. Our Peer Coaches have lived experience. So we have first hand knowledge of what pain you are experiencing.

Peer Coaching Options

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Our peer coaches guide clients towards the most appropriate recovery options. We have lived experience and are most suited to help because we have “been there”

We guide our clients through a Christ-centered recovery process.

Homelessness includes hunger, addiction, and hopelessness.  We can help the homeless build a life off the streets

We understand the difficult judicial re-entry process, because we’ve been there.  Our peer support specialists guide clients to success re-entry.

Recovery Options

Our coaches guide clients to appropriate recovery via multiple pathways as indicated using our in-depth Recovery Capital Assessment model.  Recovery capital will determine exactly what areas of your life you are struggling with the most.

Peer support specialists available 24/7 through our safe, remote coaching platform.

A recovery assessment oversight team performs a level of recovery capital  assessment for each new client.  The recovery capital analysis determines exactly what areas we can help you most! This is followed by an individualized recovery plan, designed with your input. 

Our Technology is Simple, Immediate and Effective

Our all-encompassing peer support digital platform offers you the support you need right from your fingertips. Now your peer coach is just a click away!

Recovery Support App
Our app eases connection and supports engagement in your recovery journey
Online IOP and Rehab Treatment
The perfect option when you can’t walk away from your life to attend residential treatment.
DNA-verified Urine Drug Screen
Private, dignified, and verified
Clinical oversight portal
HIPAA compliant information system
Easy Clinical screenings
We assess stress, anxiety and relapse indicators on a weekly basis

Your Recovery

Your recovery plan and journey is unique to you.

Step One

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Contemplating a change? Take your first step today! Talk with one of our recovery coaches and discuss your options. You’ll find a safe place at Life Continues, where there is no judgement or shame. We’ll encourage and guide you on your journey.

Step Two

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During the free consultation, we will discuss the severity of your issue and applicable treatment and support options. If treatment is a possibility, we will recommend an assessment by one of our Clinical Directors. They will help us determine level of care and next steps. Your coach will then help you navigate the treatment and recovery options to find what best fits your situation.

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